Happy Birthday Amanda!

Today is Amanda’s birthday.  Everyday I am more and more amazed at how blessed I am to have such an extraordinary wife in my life!

Next to Jesus, she is the greatest gift I could ever ask for in this life.  She is a treasure, she is my bride, and she is my closest friend.

On her birthday, people celebrate her for so many things, but today I want to thank God for her colorblindness.

I chose this black and white picture (no pun intended) to show off my family.  This last year, I have never seen someone pray so much, give so much, and walk in faith so much as she has.  Since God called us to expand our family, she has never once backed down from obstacles, circumstances, or reactions.  Race was never an issue.  Problems never deterred her.  What-if’s never consumed her.

And today, she gets to celebrate with three Agnew boys who are absolutely crazy about her.  She is the queen of the castle and adored by each one of us.

Her determination, consistency, and Christlikeness makes her so unique in this world.

And today, I am thankful to call her mine.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amanda!”

  1. Happy Birthday Amanda, I love you so much! With two boys of your own, you now have the answers to the million times you have ask me why. My wish is for you have as much joy with your boys as I had with you and your brother.

    I’m your Dad and I love it.

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