Dear God, Make Us One

This second week in the “Dear God” series we heard Jeff’s 2nd prayer for our church: “Dear God, make us one.”  In a church, truth, convictions, and preferences are always present.  Unfortunately, we normally focus on our preferences or convictions more than we do the truth.  If our church is truly to become one, we must lay aside our preferences and focus on the truth.

Powerful message.  Listen to it here.  But when you listen, don’t focus on the speck in your brother’s eyes that you neglect the log in your own.

We had a great time of intercession for our Shake-n-Shine camp.  Adam Langley introduced Edgar Enriquez, and Edgar shared his testimony from a Shake-n-Shine camper to a counselor.  It was a powerful reminder of what the team is investing in this week.

Today, we worshiped to:

I can’t say enough to our worship team today.  The music team, tech team, and host team continue to serve greatly, but they each stepped it up a notch this week!  The improvements that all three teams are making behind the scenes are making for an even more special time on Sundays.  Thank you music team, tech team, and host team for leading in worship each week!  I appreciate you so much!  Can’t wait for the next few weeks as we continue to step it up.

Dear God, make us one.

And do what you have to in me to make it happen.

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  1. Just made me realize again how selfish I am, and that I must continue working on less me and more God. As Mercy Me Puts it, There's just no room fo

  2. I thought it was a great sermon too. It's a shame that too many churches are split because of trivial thi

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