Knowing His Gifts

What a fun Sunday as we kicked off our December series, “Jesus Loves Me (This I Know)” as we started trekking through the 1st section of Ephesians.

Knowing His Gifts (Eph. 1:1-14) – We know that Jesus loves us based upon the gifts he has given us.  Through his work, he has reconciled all creation to himself and has united the church.  His immeasurable gifts are more than what we ever deserved.

Today, we worshiped to:

We are doing a really fun opener each week, and this week was the ladies’ week to get after a great gospel number.  They tore it up!  Next week, the guys are up.  All I’m saying is don’t be late…

As a staff member and friend, I normally say Jeff’s message was great each week, but today it was ridiculously good.  If you ever want a clear, biblical presentation concerning how Jesus, election, predestination, etc. goes together, you need to listen to this message.  Plus, Eli starts the message off on the video and his cuteness factor is off the charts.

Great time as we did family dedication as well!  It’s more than a baby dedication, it’s families committing for taking the responsibility of the discipleship of the children in their home – love these times!

I’m so thankful to our great team.  Our host team braved the cold to welcome people into worship.  Our band worked extra hard on some difficult music.  Our tech team was calm and collective as major equipment was messed up this morning.  We prayed and they worked, and everything went great for the services.

I am starting to see such a change in the team’s quality of offering because I think everyone is more intentional with what they bring to the table.  When a team sees themselves as worship leaders rather than volunteers filling a spot, some incredible stuff happens.  Thanks for all you do!

Love to hear from you – what did you learn today?  What impacted you?