Knowing His Work

It was great to worship today in the middle of the great Greenwood blizzard.  We did experience some snow last night which meant the first snow for Greenwood on Christmas since 1963!  The roads were safe enough to come to services, so we posted on the City our plans and we had a powerful time as the church today!

We concluded the Jesus Loves Me series (the first part of Ephesians) with this big idea:

Knowing His Work (Eph. 2:8-10) – We know that Jesus loves us based upon the work of salvation.  Our salvation is all his work, and none of our good deeds influenced it, but once we are saved, our lives should be characterized by good works that emerge from a grateful heart.

Great message!  Such wonderful grace!  For those who had too much ice or snow on the roads to join us, the message will be here online this afternoon.

I was also thankful he made it through it.  He told me that a stomach bug had been going through his house and at 8:30, he was feeling a little funny on his tummy.  So, he told me to be on guard.  A couple of pauses of his caused me to start leaning up in my chair, but he made it through and brought it!

Today, we worshiped to:

We also heard two testimonies from two of our missionaries.  Kerri Erskine updated us on her completion of seminary after almost dying on the mission field 4 years ago.  No one would have thought she could be here, but by God’s grace, she impacted us all today.  Rick Hendricks also told us of the 15 salvations at the Project Love Christmas Bash a few weeks ago.  Such a wonderful picture of our church reaching those in Greenwood and to the ends of the earth!

So glad to be the church – what a wonderful year, and God is just getting started!  Can’t wait to see what He does in our midst in 2011!