Moses the Snowman

What a great day of snow with the Agnews.  Eli’s first real snow, and he did a belly flop into it.  Then when we got in a snowball fight, he loved it until he got some in his eye.  Here are some pictures of our snowball fight and work to create a very special snowman:

We’ve been teaching the boys the Ten Commandments as of late, and we thought that Moses the Snowman would be a good touch.  When I started sketching out the idea, Amanda just shook her head and said, “I knew when I married you, I wasn’t getting normal.”

My Hebrew penmanship is a little rough these days, but it was at least an attempt.  You Hebrew scholars will be happy to know that it does read right to left like the original so commandment #1 is at the top right.  We had a fun time!  We hope Moe in the snow will last a few days!

9 thoughts on “Moses the Snowman”

  1. This is precious. ‘Wish I had thought of this ! My girls
    used to love to watch the Charleton Heston version of “The Ten
    Commandments”. It is a 4 hour movie and they watched it and loved
    it. I looked out to check on them as they were playing in the front
    yard one day when they were maybe 3 and 6 years old. They were
    playing Hebrew and Egyptians. If they had only had a Moses Snow Man
    !!!! Keep up the good work, Trav and Amanda !

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