Your Church’s Best Days Are Not Behind You

I was talking with a friend the other day concerning the future of his church.  As a pastor in another state, he is working with a congregation that has seen some incredible moments in their history.  The problem is – that’s all they think about.

“Remember when pastor so-and-so did this…remember that revival years ago…remember when all those young families started coming…”

His dilemma was that they had seen God move in the past, and all they wanted to do was to tell of the glory days.

Brothers and sisters, your church’s best days are not behind you.  I don’t care if you are a plant or an existing body.  It makes no difference if your music is traditional or contemporary.  It’s not important if you call your groups Sunday School or small groups.

The fact is that Jesus is for church’s who believe God’s Word and practice God’s Word.  Praise God for his movement in the past, but don’t think this is as good as it gets.  Don’t believe that God can’t do a movement among you again.

What if God only allowed each church to see what they really believed he could do?  What would he do among your people?  Would you stand in awe or stand in boredom?

I checked this morning, Jesus is still on his throne, and he promised that the gates of hell couldn’t come against his church.  So march forward!