Platform Ministry Can Never Replace Relational Ministry

Platform ministry can never replace relational ministry.

This week’s worship training consists of the worship value: availability – leading with presence.

When people are gifted in the arts, oftentimes, they are put on stage to perform ministry.  While time on the stage may be an outlet for ministry, oftentimes, the time off the stage validates the ministry.

Someone can get up in your church and raise the rafters with their vocal pipes.  It will provide emotion, goosebumps, and a positive experience, but it cannot compare with a talented worship leader who is involved in the lives of the people in the church.

The more involved your worship team is in the life of the church aside from stage time makes their ministry so much more effective.  If people in the congregation are being led in song by someone they are being led throughout life, they will follow them anywhere!

It shocks me to see when worship teams remain isolated from the church body. While I’m not against a room to meet or pray, there are no celebrities in your church, and the team on the stage needs to be as accessible when they are off the stage.

I will never forget in our church when a lady led worship to “You are God Alone” by Billy and Cindy Foote.  While she sang it great and it is a wonderfully written song, the impact was far more than a musical experience.  As her church watched her remain full of faith while her husband battled cancer and sang with passion, “In the good times and bad, you are on your throne, for you are God alone,” no one left the same.

Worship leaders, work on your leading on stage, but spend even more time in the way you lead off stage.

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