Fathers: It’s Better to Attempt Than to Regret

Last week’s evenings were pretty full for our family, and so I took off early last Tuesday to do something special with the Agnew boys.  Some of the guys in our college Bible study play for Lander’s baseball team, and so I decided this would be a great trip for us.  We had been playing a lot of baseball in the yard as of late, and I thought the game would mesmerize the boys.

After loading the boys in the truck, finding our way to the field, I realized something about taking 2 almost 3-year-olds to a baseball game:

It’s a horrible idea.

The game was great, but this age is not the easiest age to sit down on bleachers and watch a baseball game.  After the first hit, the boys were picking up old peanut shells and throwing them on people.  Foul balls were whizzing past our heads and I was jumping on my recovering ankle to knock balls away from their unsuspecting frames.  I felt like I was herding cats just to keep them near me.

By the time we got to the truck, we had two snotty noses, two bloody knees, a Dad with a backache and a sore ankle, dirty hands, a band-aid, pollen-stained “Cool Like Dad” shirts, and 2 foul balls.

What was wild was everyone told me earlier that day how sweet it was that the 3 of us were going to the baseball game.  After the game, as I relived the game’s events, everyone stated, “Yeah, I didn’t think they were going to sit still and watch the game at that age.”  I really would have appreciated those insights before we went!

Lesson learned?  You bet.  Even though it wasn’t the ideal outing for a father and his sons, at least it was an outing.  At least we got in the truck with a memory and some souvenirs.  At least I made an effort during a busy week to connect with my sons.

Fathers, it’s better to attempt than to regret.  You won’t choose all the right things, but when you choose to make time for your children, it will always be the best thing.

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  1. We did the same thing, except at Emerald. Nothing beats going to a sporting event father and son(s).

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