Update on Courageous

I’ve had some people ask as of late concerning progress for Courageous.

On one end, the movie has been edited and being screened around the country.  If you have seen the Soul Surfer movie, you can check out the exciting trailer for Courageous.

On my end, I have been asked to write a few more articles of helps for the Bible study that will be included in the packet.  I am working hard on those this week and hoping to be finished very soon.  I am also developing some lesson plans for the teachers and coming up with a church event to conclude the study.

I don’t know all the readers of this blog, but if you have a moment to pray that God will anoint my time as I work on these, I would really appreciate it.  I don’t desire to write a Bible study with my ideas, I want God to breathe life into my part of this project.  I would appreciate your prayers, and I will keep you posted!