Protecting Your Home

What are you willing to do to protect the people in your home?

If you lived in a dangerous neighborhood, more than likely you would make sure you made every effort to lock up the home before you went to sleep that evening.  Having children in the home makes most parents even more likely to take precautionary measures.  Whether it is installing a deadbolt, purchasing a security system, or hiding a weapon in the home, it makes sense to secure your home in a dangerous environment.

We live in a very dangerous environment where many forces are trying to endanger your children.  The only problem – walls can’t stop these intruders.  The rise in media influence is gaining ground by the day. 

The problem is that most children are smarter with technology than their parents. 

Most parents are unaware that secret codes are used by teenagers to keep their snooping parents at a distance (ex. CD9 – Code 9 which means parents are around, NIFOC – naked in front of computer, S2R – send to receive pictures, etc.).

With the risk of seeming uncool to your children, you must take drastic measures to keep your children safe because other people are taking drastic measures to corrupt your children.  Any attempt to provide a fail proof plan will be outdated within a weeks time, but here are a series of questions to constantly ask yourself:

  • What type of access do my children have to media? Just because their friends have certain types of technology does not mean you have to provide them with it.  Centralized computers and televisions seem archaic these days, but if you want to protect your children, you might need to cut down their constant access.
  • How knowledgeable am I concerning the content they are viewing? Most teen dramas these days promote sexual activity, sexual exploration, and substance abuse.  If they can’t watch the show with you, they shouldn’t be able to watch the show.
  • What are their friends like? Whether they are friends in life or online, you need to be aware of those relationships that are influencing their lives (Psalm 1:1-2).  If a child lives in your house, you have the right to ask questions about their 972 friends on Facebook.  You also have the right to open their account and “defriend” some suspect “friends.”
  • Who is teaching them “sex ed.”? The classroom provides one type of education, their classmates provide another type of education.  Unfortunately, the learning age gets younger by the year.  They are being filled with lies, are you teaching them the biblical truth concerning sex?
  • Can I monitor their activity? The very fact that your child would explode if you asked for a password shows the reason you need one.  So much of text messages and social networking is done in a private world, what are you doing to monitor what your child is receiving and what your child is producing?

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