Major in the Minors: Micah

We had another great week in our study, “Major in the Minors” as we got to the prophet Micah.  Micah prophesied to a people who believed to have a covenant but did not have the conduct to prove it.  In his book, he shows what mature spiritual living really looks like.

Today, we worshiped to:

Since we had a big choir concert this evening at church, we had the stage set for an orchestra, and I couldn’t let those wonderful instruments go to waste!  So, we had a mini-orchestral feel for this morning’s worship.  It was wonderful hearing our people sing out to our God.

In addition to a wonderful message, our church also worshiped through a church vote.  

No, you didn’t just read a typo.  We had a vote on the church’s direction, and it was an act of worship.  Today, our church voted to adopt a united worship approach and schedule.  It was great to see the majority of our church, represented by every age, and through every service, commit to unity over personal preferences.

I will post more this week on my thoughts, but today I am simply grateful to be a part of a church that seeks God and his guidance.  God, you’ve been faithful this far, we can’t stop following you now!

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