Waiting for the Election Results

If you stayed up late last night hoping to learn the status of the presidential election, you woke up with two realizations: you’re tired and we still don’t know anything. With tensions high now and people on alert, how should Christians respond?

For Liberty and Justice for All

Today, the United States celebrates Independence Day.  To remember our freedom, we will keep our neighbors up all night by the shooting of fireworks and eating plenty of BBQ.  For liberty and justice for all.

While I am thankful for the liberty and justice that the US provides, there is a higher justice for which all believers should strive.


What Need Grabs Your Heart the Most?

There are many needs in the world. You can’t do something about all of them, but you can do something about some of them. You can spend your life focused on confronting evil, pursuing justice, and loving mercy. Your life can potentially change the lives of others.

As you go through life, you probably resonate with certain needs more than others. We are each wired differently — that’s the beauty of the Body of Christ!  It’s best for each of us to specifically get involved in a need we are passionate about.


Confronting Injustice & Kony 2012

“The recent church history in America includes a lot of good men doing nothing. Men who are wired, called, and empowered to be men of action, yet who choose to be soft, insensitive, and passive – men who fail to remember that ‘to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin’ (James 4:17). Passivity is a curse.” –The Resolution, page 137.

Louie Giglio tweeted it best days ago when he said: Props to @invisible children for creating a twitter tsunami and continuing to shine a light on the evil of #KONY2012.

It is true.  If you haven’t heard about Kony in the last couple of weeks, you must be in a coma.  They have raised awareness on this horrible situation on a massive scale.  I have been exposed to Invisible Children’s work since 2003.  While they have faced some scrutiny in the media in recent days, as far as I can know, they are legit and I support them 100% (and a whole lot of other more qualified people do too).  Media has criticized their handling of the situation.  I don’t know if there is a proper way to handle a man who is gathering thousands of children and training them to fight in an army in the Lord’s name.

You may not like how they are going about pursuing justice, but here’s what you have to say about it: at least they’re pursuing justice.


Major in the Minors: Micah

We had another great week in our study, “Major in the Minors” as we got to the prophet Micah.  Micah prophesied to a people who believed to have a covenant but did not have the conduct to prove it.  In his book, he shows what mature spiritual living really looks like.

Today, we worshiped to:

Since we had a big choir concert this evening at church, we had the stage set for an orchestra, and I couldn’t let those wonderful instruments go to waste!  So, we had a mini-orchestral feel for this morning’s worship.  It was wonderful hearing our people sing out to our God.

In addition to a wonderful message, our church also worshiped through a church vote.