Happy Birthday, Dear Daddy!


Happy birthday to me!  I’m getting pretty old, maybe I can receive some wisdom now to go along with my senility.  30 Reasons I’m Blessed Today:

1. Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.

2. I love my bride more today than ever.

3. I am the adoring father of two fantastic boys.

4. I am watching a church unite and follow God’s Word.

5. I finished another LifeWay project this week.

6. Our church just gathered 447 volunteers to move forward to make disciples in this City.

7. Courageous is coming to Greenwood.

8. Ephesians 1.

9. Ephesians 2.

10. Ephesians 3.

11. Ephesians 4.

12. Ephesians 5.

13. Ephesians 6.

14. Getting ready to record a hymn project that is already blowing my expectations.

15. New worship leaders on the team.

16. God is multilingual and we are following his lead to reach the nations.

17. My C-Group is growing. Disciples on the move.

18. I can’t wait to disciple more Lander students in the Fall.

19. North Side has lost a bunch of members lately due to them preaching or leading worship in other churches. That’s how to lose members!

20. I’m going to do a triathlon.

21. I’ve got some fun ideas about some writing projects.

22. I’ve got some ambitious ideas about some recording projects.

23. The Courageous Honor Begins at Home Bible Study is in final stages (sample lesson here).

24. I’ve been on vacation all week with these 3 people I absolutely adore.

25. North Side’s schedule is about to get ridiculously simple in order to disciple more people.

26. I’ve got two wonderful nieces on the way!

27. God is still on his throne.

28. My boys still love to read the book I made them.

29. When I decrease, Christ increases.

30. The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows.

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