My Birthday Present Arrived in the Mail!


Many of my family members pitched in some money for an instrument savings I had been working on to purchase a birthday gift.  Yesterday, it finally arrived in the mail.  I am the proud owner of a hammered dulcimer.

Since I opened it yesterday, I haven’t had too much time to play it because two little eager boys see this as the perfect instrument to use since it is melodic and they have “drum sticks” with it.  Hopefully, when they go to bed, I will be able to figure this instrument out!

I have always loved Rich Mullins music which was the first thing that got me interested in this mountain instrument.  When I was a teenager, I spent some time in a music store in Tennessee that confirmed my love for it as I tried to figure out how to play it.  After many years, I can finally start hammering away at this beauty.

It’s not too complex from what I am learning, but it is a sensitive instrument.  Someone saw it last night and asked me if I enjoyed torture since it looks overwhelming at first.  It’s built around certain scales and you strike the strings with tiny hammers held loosely in your hands to make notes and chords in a rhythmic manner.

Actually, I do feel a little stuck musically and I am wanting something to push me a little bit, so this will definitely either stretch me or own me.  I am hoping this will cause me to step up my musicianship, add something else to our worship services one day, and I can use it in my own personal worship time.  I love taking God’s genius ability with music and giving it back to him in an excellent manner.  Pray I can do it on the hammered dulcimer.

Here’s a clip of an old Rich Mullins concert before he died playing this instrument (he is a master on it):

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  1. God certainly used Rich Mullins, and He is likewise using you – both in His own marvelous individual way!

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