Cherish Your Marriage Vows

On July 12, 2004, I spoke some serious wedding vows to my bride.  Unfortunately, those vows are often forgotten once the marriage ceremony is over for many couples.

This summer, we have been married 7 years.  For Amanda’s birthday, I decided to get our vows framed, something she always said she would love to have.  I did some research and found that Jewish people have a ketubah hanging in their homes.  While the content is more like a contract, I loved the idea of having the covenant written down and framed as a daily reminder of our promises to one another.

I took two pictures from our wedding and made them into one (see above).  In one picture, the camera is focused on a candle in the back of the room.  The other picture was focused on us.  I put the two together and then wrote out our vows on the side.

I’m not the best at graphic work, but I tried really hard and got some assistance on how to blend some things.  On her birthday, she was really surprised and really loved the gift.  She started crying and the boys thought I did something to upset her!  Once I reassured them that Mommy was happy, they liked the picture too.  “Oooo, that’s Mommy and Daddy getting married.”

Hanging in our room, it’s a constant reminder to me that I made promises 7 years ago that I want to implement every day.  I wrote this today for 2 reasons: 1) This is a great gift idea that I stumbled upon and I think it would be great to do something like this in all homes, and 2) Cherish your vows.  Today, no matter the condition of your spouse’s response, you cherish your vows.  Don’t make a decision today that will change tomorrow.  Don’t know who this is for, but cherish your vows.  Stay faithful to God and your spouse.