New Book on the Way…

Only a couple people have known that I have been working on a new book, and I am happy to tell you that it is almost complete.  The next book is entitled: Don’t Drop Your Kids Off at Church: Bring Them Home to It.

Many of you know that I graduated with a doctorate from Southern Seminary in December 2009.  My work centered around parents being the primary evangelists in their children’s lives.  After completing that mammoth project, I was encouraged by my supervisor, Chuck Lawless, to make the material palatable for people other than my doctoral defense team.

Due to this emphasis, God has used the work to impact North Side but was one of the main reasons I was asked to complete LifeWay’s Courageous Bible study “Honor Begins at Home.”  Here’s the premise of the book:

Parents have often developed misplaced priorities when it comes to their children.  Many children in America are so busy with numerous activities that their spiritual lives are unfortunately neglected.  Our approach is to drop our children off at the best church in town which we qualify by which one has the hippest youth minister, most attended programs, and the nicest facilities.

For all our efforts, children are still walking away from church once they leave the nest.  There is another way.  Don’t drop your kids off at church, bring them home to it.

The Bible is unashamedly clear that parents are to be the primary evangelists and disciple-makers of their children, and yet that is not happening.  I believe that our current ministry approaches are actually doing more harm to the next generation than helping them.  If we want our children to have the best chance at following God, we need to reevaluate what we are doing in our homes and in our churches.

I am finishing a few edits and formatting issues, but hopefully, it will be available  in a couple of weeks.  Please pray for these final touches, and I will keep you updated!