Zuckerberg, Lucas, and You

Something is wrong with the world as we know it.

Facebook has changed yet again, and the Facebook community is in a tizzy.  Disgust and outrage fill status feeds, news reports, and paper headlines.  How dare Mark Zuckerberg keep changing a good thing?

Within days of the Facebook mutiny, global Star Wars fans are distraught that George Lucas has changed scenes yet again in his recent Blu-Ray versions of the Star Wars saga.  Tinkering with some effects is one thing, but when he started changing details in the story lines reopened the scab for those still upset that Han Solo was “provoked” by Greedo.

So, let me get this straight.  Most of the world is hooked on Facebook.  Created by brilliant college student, Facebook is the way people attempt to share life these days and is the most visited website in the world.  It has literally changed how people function in our society.  And we are mad at the guy who made it because he changed it?

George Lucas, who single handedly changed the movie industry, wrote a script that millions of fans have memorized.  When he decides to enhance a story that he wrote, we get mad at him for changing what we like as if he has no rights to the story.

The outrage this week reminded me how we think we are the center of the universe.

Each of us thinks we have it all figured out.  If everyone would only listen to our opinion, we would be alright.

It also reminded me that the way we speak of two trend-setters, Zuckerberg and Lucas, is often how many people treat God.  He created all the things we enjoy.  He is the giver of all good things (James 1:18).  And when our circumstances change in the slightest of ways, we can’t believe that he has the audacity to change what we have already approved of.

Remember the Israelites when they were in Egypt?  They cried out to God in their slavery for God to alleviate their suffering (Ex 2:23-25).  He does exactly that and then, not long after his deliverance at the Red Sea, they complain that the food was better in Egypt and they should have stayed there (Ex 16:3).  We look at them and think their attitude is ridiculous, and yet, we rarely see how we are the same way.

We complain.  We whine about things and then we continue to use them.  We look at the Maker and say he should have made it differently.

I think Zuckerberg has the right to change Facebook layout.  He’s the genius that made it, not me.  I think George Lucas has the right to change scenes, create Jar Jar Binks, or even rationalize the plot line of Episode 1.  He’s the mastermind behind movies that I love.

And if I feel that way about 2 simple me, how much more should I feel that way about God?  He created it all.  When I’m joyful, he is the one giving me the things causing a skip in my steps.  And if he wants to change something or improve something that makes it different for me, I kinda think his track record deserves some trust on my part.

“Do all things without grumbling or complaining.”  -Phil. 2:14

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  1. I am so thankful for your reminder of who our God is. Thanks for putting things in perspective about our Creator and His sovereignty. Like all things on earth, although hard to imagine for some, Facebook and Star Wars will eventually fade away, but our King reigns forever – who was and is and is to come!!

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