Cleaning Out the Temple

What a great day at North Side!  The big idea focused on Jesus’ cleaning the temple.  Whether you realized it or not, we attempted for every element to focus on this passage.  From song selections focusing on the sanctuaries of God, to praying for God’s work with other churches, to the message, we all tried to get this point across.

So appreciative for David Little, Director of Missions of the Lakelands Baptist Association, joining us today to remind of God’s work among our other churches.  It was wonderful to pray for other churches in our city.

Today, we worshiped to:

Today, was quite the workout for our worship team, but they stepped up to the plate in a remarkable way.  I made my second attempt at leading from the hammered dulcimer this Sunday.  Such a beautiful instrument, but when we got to those “amens,” I could barely keep my seat and keep myself contained.
Jeff’s message was way convicting today.  His exposition of John 2 was incredible.  It spoke to the consumerism that is plaguing our churches today.  Listen to it if you missed it!
Top lines of the day that I am sure were not spoken at any other church today:
  • “Jesus’ nostrils flared.”
  • “You are durn tootin,’ I’m mad!”
  • “‘What do we have at our church for you?’  I chance to come and die.”
Love it!