Don’t Drop Your Kids Off at Church – Now Available!

My new book is available today!  Order Don’t Drop Your Kids Off at Church here.

Synopsis: Parents have often developed misplaced priorities when it comes to their children.  Many children in America are so busy with numerous activities that their spiritual lives are unfortunately neglected.  Our approach is to drop our children off at the best church in town which we qualify by which one has the hippest youth minister, most attended programs, and nicest facilities.  For all our efforts, children are still walking away from church once they leave the nest.  There is another way.  Don’t drop your kids off at church — bring them home to it.

In this book, I take my research from my doctoral work and make this information available for parents and pastors.  For parents, you can learn what God expects of you concerning your child’s spiritual development.  For church leadership, I outline some ways you can begin to equip the parents in your congregation to evangelize and disciple their own children.

This message has changed my home.  I have seen it change the ways we do church here at North Side.  I pray it can help your family as well!  I would appreciate you supporting this book and pray that it causes the next generation to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Order Don’t Drop Your Kids Off at Church here.