It Really Wasn’t Eve’s Fault

Men must resolve to take responsibility for their families. Passivity is not an option. Whenever a man fails to accept his God-given responsibility, his family is in serious danger.

The first family in the Bible provides an example of what happens when a man fails to lead. Take some time to read Genesis 3:1-13. As you read, make note of key phrases that characterize Adam’s passivity.

Sin was ushered into the world in this tragic account of the Fall. In Genesis 2, God gave Adam the command not to eat from the tree. Eve was not around to hear this original message. If she were to receive that piece of instruction, she probably received it from her husband, Adam. What’s shocking about Genesis 3 is that the reader isn’t even aware that Adam is in the scene until verse 6. The Bible describes a conversation with Eve and the Devil and there is no sign of Adam.

Being relentlessly cunning, the Devil knows which spouse to engage. He approached Eve because she wasn’t the first one to receive the information. While this encounter takes place, Adam just sits in the shadows — silent. Passivity takes over the supposed leader as he waits to see what will happen.

If Adam would have accepted full responsibility for his wife in this moment, he would have pushed the serpent aside, taken his wife by the hand, and said, “Darling, I know that fruit looks appetizing. Honestly, that tree is all I’ve been thinking about since the moment God told me not to eat from it, but we can’t go there. Dad has been too good to us and we must remain faithful. We’re in this together. In the moments you are weak, I’ll help keep you strong, and I need you to do the same for me. We can do this.”

Unfortunately, that‘s not what happened. She simply ate, gave some to her husband, he ate, and now sin runs rampant throughout the world today all because a man didn’t take responsibility for his family. Did you ever realize the Fall of mankind happened because one man failed to rake responsibility? The entire curse given to men due to Adam’s neglect centers around his passivity (Gen 3:17).

The serpent is lurking around your home as well. He is talking with your wife. He is luring your children away. Will you resolve to stop his influence and be the man God has called you to be?