Unless You See Signs

What a great day of worship at North Side!  I enjoyed borrowing my buddy’s mandoguitar to play on Sunday morning.  I had many questions about this little beauty.  It’s not a mandolin.  You play it like a 12-string guitar.  Besides trying to get my fingers to stay within the frets, I had a good time playing this little chimy instrument.

Jeff’s message was incredible!  The thought that many people would believe in the miracles of Jesus yet not have their lives changed was so applicable for today.  So, so good.

It was one of those worship services that I had all types of undercurrent themes riding throughout.  It was a different service intentionally, but had some fun turns along the way (at least, I think ;)).   Here’s what I mean.

Today, we worshiped to:

We started out the service with “In the Bleak Midwinter.”  Our own sound alike James Taylor, Eric Bryant, sang it wonderfully.  The last line that stated “What then can I bring him, I must give my heart” led straight into our baptisms.  After the baptisms, Eric tagged that line again to bring those elements together.
After the fantastic video, “The Living Nativity” by the Skit Guys, we went into a medley of songs with time changes, key changes, and plenty more.  I really enjoyed worshiping at Christmas time with the whole picture of Jesus in mind.  It was a really special day of worship and I pray that God was honored.
If you didn’t get to see this video, check it out here.  You can purchase it at their website and show it in your church.  Powerful ending that set up our section of worship in a very impacting way.