Courageous Resolutions

I’m in need to rally some prayer partners together again.  I’ve been so humbled to be a part of this Courageous movement by helping develop the Honor Begins at Home curriculum that is available in January.  And, for whatever reason, it appears God doesn’t have me done with this work of ministering to fathers just yet.

In addition to the Bible study, a book was written called The Resolution for Men.  It is based on the resolutions made by the fathers in the movie and also centers around the powerful ending speech sequence by the character Adam.  Sherwood Pictures and LifeWay have decided that they also want to develop curriculum specifically for men based upon the individual resolutions.

And, for reasons I’m not sure of, they’ve asked me to help out with this curriculum as well.  It’s a high honor.  It’s a big responsibility.  It’s a tad bit overwhelming.  And I could really use your prayers.

I had been asked to be a part of this a couple of months ago, and we worked on developing the first week to even see if publishers wanted to go ahead with this curriculum.  After a first round of work, we have a green light, but we have a small window of time remaining.  The curriculum will be available in March 2012 as a way for men to continue studying these resolutions and the Scriptures that they originate from.  Since Honor Begins at Home can be done co-ed, this study will be specifically for men to go deeper in their commitments and resolutions.

For whatever reason you are reading my blog today, I’m glad God has sent you here and you allow me to share part of my life and convictions with you from post to post.  Since you are here, Sherwood and LifeWay has asked me to develop some prayer support as we finish up this curriculum within a limited timeframe.  So, if you wouldn’t mind, could you pray for me and this process?  Could you pray that God points me to specific Scriptures that need to be used?  Can you pray that God keep helpless words from the page?  Can you pray that God’s Spirit directs me concerning what needs to be included?  Can you pray that God uses this to change homes all over the place?

I would really appreciate your prayers during these coming weeks.  I appreciate you, and thank you for letting me share my life with you.