“Christmas is for Jesus! And We’re Gonna…”

Amanda is taking the boys to help with Meals on Wheels today.  At breakfast, I was trying to tell the boys that since it’s Christmas, we need to serve others because Jesus came not to be served, but to serve (Mark 10:45).

They were excited, but what Obadiah said next had me rolling in stitches (or wondering if he was a prophet).

“Yeah, Dad, Christmas is for Jesus!  And we’re gonna see him tomorrow!  Woooo!!!”

As he proclaimed his heartfelt “wooo,” he raised his hand really high and got into it.

So, according to him, we get to see Jesus tomorrow.  Who else wants to say, “Wooo?”

On the way to work, it made me think about what really to be excited about this week.  Don’t miss Jesus in the midst of Christmas.