“Are You Calling Gloria?”

I had a wonderful time with a lot of extra time with the family over Christmas.  We played together, worked together, and even cooked together.  Obadiah (pictured above) and Eli gave me more funny comments than I could possibly handle.

One of those happened on a drive home on New Year’s Eve.  Two of our dear friends were nearing the due date for their baby girl.  I was calling them to encourage their baby to come out already and stop making her mom so uncomfortable.  Once I got the voicemail, I began to say things like: “Get out of your mom’s belly!  She’s tired.  We want to see you.  Stop messing around in there and come out already!”

What was said next almost made me pull over.

I hung up the phone when Obadiah, sitting in the back of the van, said, “Daddy?”

“Yes, son?”

“Were you calling Gloira?”

“No, buddy.  I wasn’t calling Gloria.”


How I wish little Gloria had a phone in her mommy’s belly that she could answer.  We are 28 weeks along this week (crazy to think), and I would tell her how the four of us are anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Gloria in exclesis Deo.