The Man Born Blind

What a fantabulous day at North Side!  We were thrilled to release our new album “The Manifold Wisdom of God: Sermon Remix 2011” (photo courtesy of Taylor Wolfe).  While I couldn’t talk Jeff into doing his part live, the band did accompany his preaching.  We played track #10 off of the album which is in my top 2 favorite tracks.

Thank you for all that got copies today.  I loved hearing about the lines at the bookstore!  Hope the biblical truths are impacting you today!

Today, we worshiped to:

Powerful time of worship as we took these biblical songs and gave it all we had.  Everyone just seemed really intent this morning – good stuff.  Even with pollen in the air, the congregation was singing way out this morning and I loved it!

It was also a blessing to have a surprise worship pastor guest from across the state.  His church is thinking about getting out of the different service types and someone sent him our way.  He was way encouraged by his time here.  It’s amazing when we focus on Jesus all the things that can happen.

Jeff’s message was incredible, and I was so humbled by Craig Scott’s testimony today.  Craig has been confined to a wheelchair, and Jeff asked him to share his hardships in life.  When I talked with Craig this week, he said he was concerned because he doesn’t see his wheelchair as a hardship.  My response: share that and God will take care of the rest.  And he did!  It was awesome to hear someone say “God can use me more with my wheelchair than he would have without it.”  Just like the man born blind in John 9, sometimes it’s not about who sinned or why something happened, it’s about God using it.  Love all that God is doing with our church!