The Manifold Wisdom of God

This project focuses upon the teaching ministry of North Side. These 10 tracks were taken from 10 pivotal messages preached to our congregation in 2011. Our worship team then trimmed the messages down, arranges, composed, and recorded some music to accompany these biblical truths in an attempt to further disciple those who would listen. As a result of this project, we pray that God Word’s stays echoing in your ears and continually transforming your life.

  1. The Manifold Wisdom of God (1/9/11)
  2. If I Could Do It Over (2/13/11)
  3. The Church UnitedĀ (3/6/11)
  4. Holy Matrimony (5/15/11)
  5. The Love of God (5/27/11)
  6. The Righteous Will Live By Faith (7/10/11)
  7. Stages of Discipleship (8/22/11)
  8. As Far As It Depends on You (9/18/11)
  9. Born Again (11/6/11)
  10. Do You Want to Get Better? (12/18/11)