Your Father’s Arms

It’s wild to think that we are nearing 2 years of Eli being home with us.  I still remember the first time I picked him up out of that smelly orphanage crib.  With all the issues looming before us, God was more than faithful.  Eli is not only a healthy little boy, he’s advanced for his age now.

With all the love and support we received during our adoption process, we put together a 50-minute documentary that we gave to family and close friends who had walked with us during this time.  I want to share a piece of that video with you today for 2 reasons: 1) to be reminded of God’s faithfulness, and 2) for you to consider adoption.

The video shows some of my departure from America and the first time meeting Eli.  I saw him while he slept, but then the video shows our first encounter together.  The song in the background is a song that I wrote to help fund our adoption efforts.  It’s entitled “Your Father’s Arms.”  The first verse is about Obadiah.  The second verse is about Eli.  The third verse is about the rest of us.

Hope you enjoy some home footage:

Copies of “Your Father’s Arms” or the whole “Coming Home” album can still be purchased on iTunes here.