The Lord Will Fight for You (While You Keep Silent)

As Moses approached the Red Sea, a nation of followers anxiously awaited his next move while an army of vengeful Egyptians pursued them ever more closely.  While Israel became uneasy and demanded Moses to do something, his response was a shock then and it is to so many of us:

“The LORD will fight for you when you keep silent” (Ex 14:14).

At that point, Moses stretched out his arms and waited for God to come through and deliver them.

The problem with us is we think we are a better fighter than God.

The LORD is a warrior.  He can hold his own.  He has been winning battles and decimating opponents before you or I ever came on the scene.  He doesn’t need our help or suggestions.  God requires no back-seat drivers.  He needs no caddy.  An advisory board would do him no good.  He is God, and he’s extremely capable.

God has been reteaching me lately to wait on his timing.  So often I want to make things move on my time table and in the scenario I deem as perfect.  I must learn to trust my father.  If God wants a door opened, nothing I can do will be able to shut it, and if God wants a door closed, nothing I can do will pry it open.  He is sovereign.  He is omnipotent.  He is on the move.

I have marveled lately at how God is presently doing things in my life and those around me and chose not to do them earlier.  His ways are higher (Is 55:10-11), and his timing is perfect.  Whatever you are facing today, I want to encourage you to lay down your arms if God hasn’t invited you to the fight.  He can handle his own, and he takes care of his own.  Pray to him.  Look to him.  Trust in him.  The LORD will fight for you when you keep silent.