Grain of Wheat

Special day at North Side!  We had some info on promotion Sunday (June 3rd), family dedication with 9 families, great time of worship, great interview video on “who was Jesus,” and a wonderful message!  Jeff’s teaching on John 12 was so good.  So much to take in considering how we are to lay our lives down just as Christ was anticipating his sacrifice for us.

Today, we worshiped to:

Loved hearing everyone sing out today.  I love it when I hear the congregation way over what I hear from the band on stage, and today was one of those days in both services.  Such heartfelt worship.  Love how “Enter His Gates” is only 2 weeks old at our church, and people jumped right in today.  Can’t wait for the release next month!

I think it’s pretty special that God has allowed us to do a lot of composing and recording lately.  It’s pretty unique to have set lists with all songs that your church has recorded.  Very grateful to God for that opportunity.

Also, thank you to everyone who helped out this morning.  I love that we have moms serving on our music team, tech team, and host team that didn’t try to get out of service, but said they would rather be pointing other people to Jesus than sitting out this day on Mother’s Day.  We are so blessed with what is going on in our church.