The Trouble With Following Christ

What a very special day of worship at North Side!  In addition to recognizing our graduates, we also commissioned six college students who will be spending their summer in West Africa as North Side missionaries.  God orchestrated a very appropriate and powerful service to send them off.

Jeff’s message from John 12 was specifically directed towards ministers.  For all those who minister the Word of God to others, there are times when our souls become troubled.  Jesus showed us how to speak the Word with grace and truth.  For this message to fall in this week with these ladies being commissioned was a powerfully God-ordained moment.

Today, we worshiped to:

It was another powerful day of worship.  The first two songs were huge responses of worship by our congregation.  It was the first time we had led “Always” and people were singing out by the second line (great hint of being a great worship song).

As we commissioned these students, we led in “Yana Da Rai” which is a worship song from West Africa.  While the verses were hard to grab, I was impressed by how much the entire church sang out on the chorus.  It was awesome.

I then began to sing “How Great is Our God” in the same language, as the team began to sing it in English.  It was great to worship “alongside” our brothers and sisters there and a very powerful moment for our missionaries and our church who are praying for these people so much.

“Halleluja, Yesu Mu Yana da rai, Zan yabe shi Don yana da rai” (Hallelujah, our Jesus he has life, I will praise him, for he has life).