NGU Crusade (Appreciate the Prayers)

I was blessed to go to North Greenville University (it was College back then).  The Spirit used some special people to lead me there, and I remember when I knew I wanted to go to school there.  I was sitting in the President’s office listening to Dr. Jimmy Epting talk about the figurine on his table.  It was a picture of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet.  Here was the President of this school telling a high school senior that he saw that as his job at the school.  He was to serve others and point them to Jesus.

In a time when the other schools I was looking at were drifting further from the Bible’s teaching, here was a man who embraced it wholeheartedly.  The other people I met along the way were just confirmation.  I went to school there and it served as some of the most impacting, pivotal 4 years of my life.

That’s why when I was asked to be a part of 2 things this year at NGU, I was beyond humbled.

First, one of the school’s committees asked to use my first book I wrote, Freshman 15, as the required summer reading and textbook for incoming freshmen.  That means that students from all over have been reading these 15 chapters on critical issues in college and seeing what the Bible says about each one.  I have actually encountered some students this summer who have been reading the book and been so humbled by the encouraging words they have said.

Second, NGU, and their partnership with the North Greenville Baptist Association, have asked me to be the 2012 Crusade preacher.  Area churches unite together and partner with the school for a week of services when school starts.  I will be preaching 7 times over the course of a few days (Saturday night at the Community Festival, Sunday morning for freshman service, Sunday-Wednesday nights at 7pm, and chapel on Wednesday morning).  If you are in area, we would love to have you join us in Turner Chapel for the Crusade services.

I would appreciate your prayers as I preach.  I try to remain sensitive to the Spirit’s leading when I go somewhere to preach and not just pull out decent sermons from the vault.  As I prayed, I feel like the Spirit has given me direction.  Probably 3 months ago, I woke up at 3AM knowing what I needed to preach for the last message and it was as clear as daylight.  The other messages have come over time.  To unify the messages, I am using NGU’s motto, “Where Christ Makes the Difference,” as a series title of sort.  The series over the week will be “If Christ Makes the Difference.”  Each message will be formed as a question like, “If Christ Makes the Difference, Why Am I Still Lukewarm?”  A lot of people claim to have a relationship with Jesus, but then it gets down to it like it doesn’t actually change people.

I am praying by the time our time ends, that God’s Spirit will reveal things to our hearts in which we need to change.  I sure would appreciate your prayers with me!