My Colorblind Daughter


My baby daughter Gloria is colorblind.  At a little over 4 months, we can see the signs of it and we are confident.  You may be thinking it’s too early to tell, but it’s obvious.

She doesn’t see any difference between her two brothers.

Since the day they walked in the hospital room to see her, they were smitten with their baby sister.  Immediately they were protective of her.  The first thing they did when she came home was play a violin recital for her (and if she still adores them after that, that is something special!).  They love to sing to her and tickle her.  They normally will beat Dad and Mom to finding a pacifier or a burp cloth when she needs one.

And when either Obadiah or Eli walks up to her, she squeals in delight.  Her legs kick, her hands bounce, and her mouth opens wide with her breathtaking smile.

Whether her white brother or her black brother comes to her, she is elated to see either one.

She doesn’t care what the skin tone is of the hand that grabs her.

She loves the different shades of faces that lean in close to kiss her gently.

While maybe a doctor couldn’t confirm that her eyes are colorblind (and medically speaking, they probably are not), we see something beautiful in the fact that she sees everyone the same.

She is colorblind.  She doesn’t have a hint of racism in her.

And I think we would all learn something from her.