Teaching an Old Dad New Tricks

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Derek was a “good enough dad.” He provided for his family. He stayed faithful to his wife, never committed any of the “really bad” sins, and took his children to church. Most people would look at him and think he was a model father.

In his late 60s, something changed. As a retired grandfather, he become exposed to biblical teaching concerning a father’s responsibility to teach the truths of the Bible to his own children. Through the conviction of God’s Word, he began to seek out how exactly God had called him to live. As he watched the movie Courageous, he realized he too didn’t want to be just “a good enough dad.”

But it was too late. His children were out on their own, married with their own children. While all of his children were fine members of society, God was a part of their home and not the central piece. He realized that his children were simply repeating what they had seen.

His children were out of the home, but they were not beyond his influence.

Derek decided it was never too late to be the father God expected of him. He gathered his grown children together and apologized to them for not being all that God required of him. While they tried to encourage him, he graciously offered to them to watch and see if there was any change present in him.

It was small gestures with a huge impact. Derek would call a son to tell him what he read in the Bible that morning and how he had prayed for him. Derek took his grandchildren fishing and told them stories about Jesus. And everyone could tell that Derek’s wife seemed more joyful than ever before.

And generations are changing because of it.

What advice were you given before you became a father?  What advice do you wish someone would have given you before becoming a father?  If you could change something in your parenting thus far, what would it be?

Fathers, want to become more of who God has called you to be?   Join me for the course Courageous: Honor Begins at Home.

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