Peter’s Denial

Great, impacting, insightful, honest worship today at North Side.  I took this picture on my phone during Cole’s soundcheck and it looked like the heavens were opening up!  Cole Strickland did a fantastic job on a Peter monologue to setup the message on Peter’s denial perfectly.

In addition, we heard a powerful testimony about mission work in West Africa this summer.  She did such a great job making the passage of the day go along with her testimony.  It was incredible to hear how someone who followed Christ across the world still struggled with denying Christ but saw him move anyway.  So wonderful that 2 of our main worship leaders today were our college students.  So great to see so many of these students not waiting until they graduate to serve, they get it now!

Today, we worshiped to:

We arranged the worship service today to center around God’s grace even when we deny him.  So we sang some grace songs, then the testimony shared how even when she went to follow him she struggled with the challenges along the way.  We sang “I Will Follow,” which then led into Cole picking up the pieces saying that’s what Peter had said at one time before he denied him.

But there’s grace!  It was a pretty neat presentation all together.  So thankful for all those who made it work!

It was great hearing our church worship loudly to the new songs from the Knowing Jesus project (releases 2 weeks from today).  I really felt like all the hard work on these songs are really complimenting the sermons and services nicely.  Jeff’s message brought so many great facts to light and really made me think a lot about my personal walk with Christ – how I can deny him and how he continues to show grace.

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  1. Travis,
    Thanks for giving Cole the opportunity to use his talents to worhip and share Christ! Also, thanks for taking him in, loving him and making him feel so at home at Northside. God’s Blessings!
    Oral Strickland……Cole’s Dad.

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