I Just Want My Daddy

It’s hard to imagine that my lil’ baby girl, Gloria, is over 7 months old now.  Time truly is flying by.  She’s sitting up, eating all types of new food, and doing this crazy type of crawl that always makes her face plant.

Recently, when I’ve picked her up from the nursery after church services, she has attempted to win me over every so successfully.  We have wonderful nursery workers.  They love her, she is cool with them.

But something happens when Daddy walks into the room.

While she will spend the entire time without whimpering or crying, as soon as I walk into the door, she begins to cry and lean towards me in a vain attempt to get out of the nursery worker’s grasp.  She is all good until she knows that Daddy is in the room.  Up to that point, a substitute will suffice, but when she locks eyes with her Daddy, she will not be comforted until she is in my arms.

While she can’t speak, her attempts loudly proclaim: “I just want my daddy!”

As I picked her up this Sunday and watched her body and emotions be calmed immediately, how I wanted to be like her.

I so desperately want to view my Father God that way.

I can get so used to substitutes along the way, but I know that just one glance towards my Heavenly Father, and then no earthly thing could ever suffice.  Let me kick and scream and reach until I am near Him.  Let me do whatever it takes to get out of the grasp of other things, and let me desire the shadow of His wings over all else.  And when I am near Him, let me forever remember the peace that only He can provide and let me never rest apart from His grasp.

I just want my Daddy.