Peace Made

Peace on Earth

We had a wonderful time being the church today.  Whenever the service starts out with Jeff getting on the banjo, you know it is going to be a special day!

We actually sold out of our “Peace on Earth” CDs today, but we will have some more copies available for tomorrow night at the mall.  So thankful for the encouraging response we have received.  The time of worship was powerful, and I never knew how God was orchestrating the details of the service together.

We had a powerful time of worship and intercession over the people of Newtown, CT.  And what I loved about it was the order of service was in play before the tragedy occurred.  We had planned to sing the new song “Peace on Earth” during the service as a lead into the message, and was the song ever timely with our congregation yesterday.  Pictures from Newtown filled the back wall as we sang, “There are wars in the streets, there are wars where we sleep, o, the wreckage it grows by the day.  My soul can only take so much of this heartache, help me, Jesus, please don’t delay.”

As we sang, you could tell the amount of prayers going up in the room hoping that the people devastated by this tragedy will realize that the peace on Earth Jesus promised can be found in him even among such horrible times.

Today, we worshiped to:

Jeff’s message was powerful.  I always love walking through the Bible looking at messianic prophecies and seeing how Christ fulfilled them all.  We also got to commission our West Africa team leaving very shortly.  As we sang “Wherever he leads, I’ll go tell it on the mountain” our crew came up there for a special time of prayer.

Hope to see you at the mall Monday evening as we try to offer our city a little reason to still believe in peace.