“All Things Are Possible” – Storytellers

“All Things Are Possible” was the first song that I worked on for the “Knowing Jesus” album.  I had a direction for the album, I was getting ready to unveil the plan to the band, but I needed something to share with the band so they could see what I was thinking about.  I didn’t want to write to much of any song or a little of a bunch of songs.  I wanted them to be a part of about every corner of it, but I needed one to show them what I was thinking.

That night, I gave them a list of 14 major songs that we would do for the album.  It listed the titles of the song and the themes of the song, but the song had not been written yet.  It was just a direction for the theme of each song or the time period in Jesus’ life that it would cover.

As I prayed through the list of song titles, I decided to take a stab at “All Things Are Possible.”  This would be the song that would cover the sign ministry of Jesus.  This would somehow attempt to summarize all the miraculous deeds that Jesus did during his 3-year ministry span.

No easy feat.

But we took a shot at it anyway!

That night I shared verse 1 and the chorus of the song which remained intact.  It was built off this piano riff I had been playing around with, and I just began to list off some of the things that Christ did while on earth.  “The deaf can hear and now the blind can see…”

The chorus declared a common statement concerning Jesus’ ministry: “all things are possible.”  While the chorus sings that a few times, I also wanted to bring in the human element that is seen in Mark 9.  “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”  As we see Christ do the miraculous, we believe, yet we struggle that he can or will do it again.  This was a reminder that Christ is still in the impossible business.

We can’t wait to do this live again on March 29 & 30th.  Here are some links to keep you informed and to help us get the word out:

Get chord charts for entire album here.

Listen to a snippet below or get your copy on iTunes.