1-Year-Old Baby Girl


It’s hard to imagine that 1 year ago it was Good Friday and I was celebrating that I was the new father of a baby girl.

This year, she has grabbed my heart in so many ways.  She is making me the kind of father where I want to set the standard so high of what a man looks like that she could never imagine one day marrying anyone that didn’t love Jesus that much or more.

She is a joy.  She is a delight.  She has the most wonderful woman in all the world in her mom to learn how to become a woman of God.  She has the best brothers in the world who love to play with her but take seriously their responsibility to watch over her.

This year has gone be so quickly.  It’s been a busy year, but a great year.  I’m honored to be Gloria’s dad.

I went back this morning to remember all that happened on her birthday, but this section reminded me of one of the reasons her life is so very precious:

Within the short time of only 4 contractions, Amanda had delivered Gloria.  While we knew they would have to clean Gloria’s passageways out because of meconium being involved and the danger of that possible infection, we also had another issue.  The doctor unwrapped the umbilical cord around Gloria’s neck 1 time and I noticed a seriousness on her face and the other’s in the room.

“Oh, goodness.”

She unwrapped it once.  Twice.  Three times.  She then unwrapped it a fourth time around that little neck and the room was very silent.

And as for almost dramatic effect, Gloria gave an audible whimper to let us know she was OK and everyone in the room sighed a great relief.

We had a Good Friday baby.  She was here.  6 lbs 13 oz.  20 1/4 inches.  Healthy and beautiful.

After they had cared for Amanda and Gloria, the doctor speaking about the condition of Gloria when she came out told me, “I’m really glad you came in when you did.  Today needed to be her birthday.  It looks like somebody is watching out for your family.”

Yes, indeed.  Someone is watching out for our family.  I named Gloria after the first words the angels proclaimed at Jesus’ incarnation, and he saw it fit that she be born on the day he died in order to provide her life.  Too fitting.  Good Friday did need to be her birthday.

 And Someone is still watching out for our family.  I am blessed to be her father, and I pray that with every day I point her closer to Jesus.  Happy birthday, Lil’ G, your father adores you.

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