The Authority of the Church


While Jeff Lethco can preach anything well, I love the stride he gets in when talking about the church.

It was a powerful start to our “Church Matters” series today as we focused on the authority of the church. For us, it’s Scripture.  We won’t be conditioned by expectations.  We don’t have to cave in to comparison traps.  We don’t have to try to woo or keep anyone based on preferences.  We want to be obedient to God’s Word.  And oftentimes, churches can begin to base all of their activity and identity on something that is totally absent in the Bible.

Today, we worshiped to:

We worked really hard to make sure the Word was on display even in our announcements!  We were able to celebrate our high school graduates and our Bible Drill participants and focus on the Word.  We enjoyed such a great word of testimony about the Word in our church from Stuart and Laurie Pettit.

Special time, can’t wait to continue on through this study.