The Mission of the Church

We had some guest worship leaders helping out this Sunday for Father’s Day at North Side.  I assembled some of the band to recruit their children to help lead in worship and we had a stage full.  I was so honored to have my two sons leading beside me.  Obadiah and Eli are passionate singers and musicians.  Many people commented on their energy, and I told them this was them on calm.  If you were out of town, watch online here.

Family is important at North Side.  We prize lifestyles of worship lived within the homes.  This wasn’t a stage idea for Sunday, this was an example of what real life in the home should look like – men leading their children to love Jesus.

That’s what was great about the other elements in the service today.  It was about fathers and sons going on mission together.  Men of God stepping up to lead in the Great Commission.

Today, we worshiped to:

I shared a song I wrote a couple years ago called “Like Father Like Son.”  We are making it available for free download this week on the City (our church’s site for keeping everyone updated).  Get your free download here.  If you haven’t gotten an account on the City yet, you can start one from this link.  The song is all about my desire for my sons to grow up loving the most important thing – Jesus.  “Will they be strong and brave, will they repeat mistakes I’ve made, will they seek the Kingdom of God if they become like father like son?”


Jeff’s message on the mission of the church was fantastic.  He talked about a church he visited once who had a softball trophy case in the front lobby and how it appeared that was their one great prize.  Each church does have a great prized possession (program, worship style, personality, building, etc.), and he so desperately wants ours to be the gospel.  Let us take it to all people!

Loved how Lee Salisbury led us out in worship today.  He had emailed us this week with an update.  We had already planned on ending today’s service with the song “I Will Follow” and he kinda confirmed it in his email.  Powerful stuff – especially from an 18-year-old who forsook walking at his high school graduation to make Jesus known among the nations!  Here’s a snippet:

Its so uncomfortable here. Its always hot, we are always sweaty, we are always swatting away flies, always eating rice. For a while, I started to wonder if I could do this for a living. Could I give up my whole life to share the Gospel in uncomfortable places?

I knew I could get through the summer fine, and effectlively minister to these people this summer. But could I do it for the rest of my life? Was it worth it? Then, I realized that I had to do it. Its a calling. If I decided i wasn’t going to do it, it wouldn’t matter. It would happen one way or another.

My life is surrendered to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then i think, is it worth it? Is the heat and humidity, the tiredness, the rice, the flies, are they worth it? You’re darn right they’re worth it. Luke 18 assures me of this.

I can’t get “I Will Follow” out of my head. This is seriously my hearts desire. To follow in life or in death. I have to go and do what God has commanded and called me to do. But I don’t have to come back. Can’t wait to hear how the new series is going. Continue to pray that God would soften these peoples hearts to the gospel. That they would completely understand that IT IS FINISHED. He paid it for us. He is all we need.