The Love Dare for Parents

The Love Dare for Parents Bible Study looks at parenting the way Scripture describes it. It’s about walking in relationship with the One who created us and entrusted our children to us. This study will inspire and strengthen busy parents—married and single—to learn and practice principles of love as they relate to their children, ages preschool to college. It offers a plan of action to more fully cherish and enjoy all of their children during each season of their lives. Leader helps for parents and small groups are included. (6 sessions)

Parents will find scriptural support for:

  • How God has blessed them with children
  • Being a godly role model
  • Relating to each child based on his of her uniqueness
  • Preparing kids for life’s difficulties
  • Launching them well to start their own families and carry on a strong legacy for future generations

REFLECT, RETHINK, and RENEW are three basic elements of each group discussion.

  • REFLECT starts the group process by helping parents get acquainted with and identify some aspect of their family roles or experience.
  • RETHINK points the group to some aspect of God’s plan for the home—and redirects the group for any new ways of thinking that might be insightful or helpful.
  • RENEW offers application, done either during the group time or at home between sessions.

“Being a good parent often means shifting our children toward new expectations, thinking ahead of them when they aren’t thinking at all.” —The Love Dare for Parents Bible Study


  • Sacred Trust
  • Specific Masterpiece
  • Secure Boundaries
  • Serious Responsibility
  • Shared Path
  • Steadfast Commitment


  • 6 sessions
  • Leader Notes
  • How to Pray for Your Children

 and Alex Kendrick are co-founders of Sherwood Pictures for which they have written, produced, directed, and starred in Facing the Giants, FIREPROOF, and COURAGEOUS. They are authors (with Michael Catt) of The Love Dare. Stephen is senior associate pastor of preaching and prayer at Sherwood Church in Albany, Georgia. Alex is associate pastor of movie outreach at Sherwood Church and co-director and director of Sherwood’s movies. The brothers and their wives have a total of 10 children. Travis Agnew worked alongside the Kendrick brothers to develop The Love Dare for Parents Bible Study.