The Integrity of the Church

“If you want to be a shepherd, you have to smell like sheep.”

That was just one of the best lines from today’s sermon.  This was our second week focusing on the biblical role of elders.  In 1 Timothy 3, Paul tells Timothy some of the characteristics and traits that an elder or a pastor is supposed to have.

A true pastor must desire the calling.  It’s a noble thing.  This was one of the best things I have ever heard on calling and the danger that many treat it with mysticism.  If you are called, you desire this work.

You must be above reproach.  There must be a good set of morals and living them out.  I never really thought about the trait of hospitality like I did today.  A true pastor is going to be around sheep.  He is going to have them in his home.  He is going be near the people in his congregation or he’s really not a good elder.

Today, we worshiped to:


I got to sit out today since I was doing a revival this week.  The entire worship team did excellent showing me yet again that I am lucky to have this job since they do so great without me!  Loved the prayer times we had for our staff and our elders today.  Blessed to be a part of such a church committed to the biblical view of a church.

And I love that our pastors smell like sheep.