Living Hope

We joined with 40+ churches in the area today to pray for spiritual awakening. Alan Quigley at South Main Street Baptist Church led the initiative and there were a lot of great things going on this weekend. The prayer was for spiritual awakening to happen in churches all over Greenwood. Love it when people focus on churches working together rather than competing with one another.

I’m not sure about other local churches, but God is continuing to do some amazing things at North Side. Loved our prayer time for spiritual awakening, and I love to hear stories of people who are being discipled at our church.

Today, we worshiped to:


We had a wonderful time celebrating our living hope today. Our text for the service came from 1 Peter 1:3-5 as we had our 2nd week in the “Stand Firm” series. In our worship time, we focused on the resurrection and the promise of the living hope found in the resurrected Christ.

We also introduced the 1st song from our “Stand Firm” project, entitled “Living Hope.” If you could tell, the entire song comes from 1 Peter 1:3-12. We will continue to teach it next week. It was great to hear people singing out so well on first listen. Praying that this song will help cement that truth in your ears and in your heart.

Jeff’s message was great. I loved so much about today’s service, but what I loved the most is the focus on God’s activity in our salvation. When you think about what God has done for us, the natural response is worship.

“O blessed be our God and Father

Praise to Jesus Christ,

In Your great mercy, You have saved us

You are our living hope.”