Early Bird Rates for Family Camp 2014


For the last few summers, my dear friend Jody Jennings had asked me to go to Family Camp with him up North.  The concept of a summer camp for family was great, but the distance was just not feasible for us.

I began to talk with friends about the idea, and over and over, people said they wished something like that existed in the Southeast.  I told Jody that I was going to try to put one on next summer for the families at my church and he said he wanted to partner with me.  Not only that, but his parents-in-law, Murrill and Deborah Boitnott, who are the directors of Macedonian Call Ministries, wanted to partner as well.

Through much prayer, discussion, and research, 4 families decided to put a Family Camp on next summer, and I can’t even begin to tell you how God is already answering our prayers concerning camp.

What started as an idea for our church families has opened up a bit and now we are going to be able to house families from all over.  We have already begun receiving registrations!

What is Family Camp?

At Family Camp, we want to help your family make a memory for a lifetime.

We know that it is very easy for a family to drift away from one another.  Special events and summertime trips are often reserved for parents paying for their children to go on trips with other people.  Oftentimes, many children and teens have their most pivotal, spiritual moments away from their parents.

We need to change that.

At Family Camp, your family will be able to enjoy a week that is unlike any other week in your year.  Imagine a week that is part vacation, part marriage conference, part spiritual renewal, part youth camp, and part adventure and you get a taste of what Family Camp is all about.

What to find out more about Family Camp?

I wanted to inform you that the Family Camp website is up and registration is live!

You can actually save hundreds of dollars (all based on your family size) if you put an early bird deposit down.  Early bird pricing goes away in the Spring.

Want to register?