“I Hope Something Haunts You in Your Sleep”

photo-2As we are nearing the end of Lander’s semester, it was time last week to hand out evaluations for my students to complete.  As I was handing out their forms, I received last year’s evaluation from my Old Testament class.  There are things they grade you on and then there is a place for comments.

I received 12 comments and was very encouraged by what they read.

Out of all the comments given, my favorite had to be #10:

Hire Dr. Travis again, if you don’t then I hope something haunts you in your sleep for the rest of your life. #realtalk

Whoever you are, #10, you gave me a good laugh today.  I appreciate the loyalty!

I have loved teaching Old Testament again this semester.  I have also loved teaching over 60 folks for the last 3 months at North Side as we studied through the Old Testament.  This coming Sunday will be our last meeting time and then they will get their examination.

We have also decided that I will be teaching New Testament at North Side in the Spring.  If you would like to get an introductory study of the New Testament, I would love to have you.

It’s a joy helping people open up the Word, learn how to study it on their own, and grasp the life-changing message inside.  Wouldn’t trade it for anything.