The Bad Stuff in My Heart


Mornings are always fun at the Agnew house.  Church office hours begin at 8 for us, so I try to get up early and help Amanda by getting the kids going before I leave.

The other morning, Obadiah was complaining about his stomach hurting when he woke up.

The night before he had been a little defiant as the evening progressed, and we had a long talk before he went to bed.

“Good morning, buddy.”

“Dad, my stomach hurts.”

“Do you need to go potty?”


“You are probably just hungry.”

“No, I don’t think that’s it.”

“I bet it is.”

“Well, actually, Dad, maybe it is all that bad stuff in my heart from yesterday that is making my tummy feel bad today.”

I know I should have corrected his understanding concerning the separation of soul and body, but I just let it be.

Later, he was telling Gloria about it, and she decided to use the ladybug massager to work on his tummy.  Good try, darling, but Obadiah is starting to learn that might help his tummy but it can’t help his heart.

Love watching these children grow and begin to concern themselves with spiritual things.