What Kind of Faith Do You Have?


True followers of Christ share a common faith.  This faith is drastically different that what many professing Christians exhibit today.  In this service, we examined what saving faith looks like.

After celebrating baptisms in both of our services (which is always great to experience), we continued our worship time together with “Something About That Name” (in which Richenda sang her face off), “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” and “Declare Your Praise.”  The thought process was that the saving work of Jesus Christ should change the way that we think and live.

We then watched a great video on “The Gospel” during the taking of the offering followed by “Holy” and “When I Think About the Lord.”  In between those two songs, I shared some of a story in our home yesterday where we got to share Jesus with some people who were there to share their religion with us.  The standout part was how they thought that people were basically good, and I reminded our church of how far off the mark we are and yet Jesus still chose to save us.  It should make us want to shout!

John McFadden took the idea for the Peter monologue leading into the message, and he knocked it out of the park.  Sitting in a prison cell, he reminded us of the story of Peter’s life, the focus of 1 Peter, and his concern for the current state of the Church being the reason for 2 Peter (which we were starting today in a series entailed “Stand Fast”).  As he began to recite the first few verses of 2 Peter (1:1-4), he faded out and Jeff began to preach the sermon from those opening lines.

Lethcoisms from today’s message:

  • If you took your finger and placed it on the times in Church history where the Church was the healthiest, you would see a clear line where the Church stopped and the world began.
  • The greatest fear of the Church should not be being persecuted by the world but being seduced by the world.
  • Real biblical, Christian, saving faith is first and foremost a gift.
  • Everyone wants to go to heaven, but not everyone wants to live a godly life.

Can’t wait for this 10-week study through 2 Peter to learn how we can “Stand Fast” on the truth of God’s Word!

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