Diligent Discipleship


2nd week of our 2nd Peter series.  Loving this study so far.

The Peak band led us in worship today.  They did such a fantastic job leading us.  Their talent is great, but I love their heart even more!

They began with “Our God” and “Always.”  I loved hearing our church sing out – I feel like the church is singing out more and more each week.  Love hearing our church express worship to Jesus.

After that, I came up to share about some upcoming ways we can equip families.  Marriage Getaway signup deadline is approaching quickly.  We have revamped Family Altars and they are available on the City each Monday to help get your family in the Word together.

I also gave some details about Family Camp which is coming up this summer.  The whole goal is that the most enriching week of a family’s life would be spent with one another.  The date is July 28-Aug. 2, 2014.

The band then led “From the Inside Out” which was such a great way for our families to worship.  Praying change would start in our hearts leading to our homes leading to our church leading to our city leading to the nations!

Jeff’s message was great.  Really focusing on two concepts: 1) making sure you are legitimately saved, and 2) that you are working on God’s list and not your own.  It is very easy to reduce what God has called us to do to a simple list of outward actions, but if we are being changed in Christ, we will begin to see perseverance, brother love, knowledge, etc.

During the invitation, we sang “Come Thou Fount” which was a great song to conclude on today.

Don’t forget that Connect is tonight at 6PM if you are interested in finding out more about joining North Side.

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