The Promise of His Return


Today was a busy and yet great day.  I actually had the privilege to be ministering in one way or the other in 3 different ways today.  Love seeing what God is doing in lives around me.

North Side

I didn’t get to be at North Side this morning, but I put a lot of Bible study, prayer, and preparation into today’s services.  As we were discussing the promise of Jesus’ return, I thought it would be great to focus on a few key elements.  We started the service with “Everlasting God” and “My Hope.”

Then after a video on the Body of Christ, we let some other members of the body get involved in the worship leading.  We highlighted our Sonshine ministry, the ministry for adults with special needs.  We got to hear some great info about the ministry, JW prayed for us, and then part of the Sonshine choir led us in “I’ll Fly Away” and “Jesus Loves Me.”  Beautiful time.  Amanda told me that all she could hear was sobbing around her as these guys worshiped the Lord.

I watched the service on my phone this afternoon – jealous I couldn’t be there in person!  The team then sang “Lord, I Need You” and Jeff gave a great message as always.  We finished up the service with “The Solid Rock.”

It was so great to hear great comments from today’s services!  Missed you guys!

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Worship Music

Bearcat Baseball in Alabama


I’ve gotten to be friends with Coach Kermit Smith and Coach Britt Johnson of the Lander Bearcats baseball team in recent months.  Really love what these guys are doing on and off the field.  On weekends when the team travels, they can’t always attend a church due to some of the game times on Sundays.

Kermit’s idea was to find a way to allow members of his team that wanted to have team worship to still have that opportunity on Sunday mornings.  He asked if I could give him some video messages for them to use, and the last few road trips, they have been huddling up in a hotel meeting room and watching a video message from me either on a computer, TV, or projector.

These guys were digging in deep in 2 Corinthians 5 with me this morning all the way in Alabama!  Such an honor to serve my friends, Kermit and Britt, and to minister to these guys with the Word.  Plus, this #2 team in division 2 team put a hurting on Montevallo 15-8!  Get ’em, Bearcats!

Berea First Baptist Church

I was privileged to be able to minister to Berea First Baptist Church all day today.  They were starting their Spring Renewal Services.  I got to preach and teach concerning family discipleship.

We had a service this morning on “The Most Critical Spiritual Environment” from Deut. 6.  After lunch, we had some parents stick around for a 2-hour training session on “Making Faith Stick” – tips for evangelizing and discipling your own children.  In the evening service, I got to preach on “The Open Places” from Nehemiah 4:13-14 and Ephesians 6.  I was also blessed to have some of North Side Worship come up and lead the worship tonight.

I was so thankful for all the wonderful hospitality that this church showed today.  I got to have some great conversations throughout the day and hear how God was using his Word to inspire, convict, and change.

The line of the day might have been from a gentlemen who told me tonight: “You stepped on my toes this morning and it offended me.  I came back tonight, and, well, you just kicked my butt!”

That may be the best compliment a preacher can hear!

I’m very tired tonight but thankful that I get to serve Jesus.  Such a special day!