What Kind of People Should We Be?


After a weekend full of allergies and voice exhaustion, I had nothing but a raspy, squeaky, hoarse voice to lead our church with today.  I made a comment in one of the services that, “Even on my best day, I’m not be able to give an adequate sacrifice of worship to my Father.”  I truly mean that.  How do you even begin to speak of your love for one so great?

We began our services by singing “Sing to the King” and “We Rejoice.”  After a video recap of “Knowing Jesus,” I encouraged folks to put the event on their calendars and help us get the word out!

After that, we sang the first song written for “Knowing Jesus” – “It Is Finished” and then sang “In Christ Alone.”  As Jeff came up on stage, I looked at John and said, “I’m so thankful – our people have learned how to sing!”  It’s a powerful thing when you start a song and the church family just gets after it.  They were singing louder than the band!

Jeff’s message was great.  This was the final passage from 2 Peter, but we are going to do a FAQ sermon next week from this book.  You still have time to email one of us and get your question submitted.

After the message, we sang a new song that I have grown to love entitled, “All I Have is Christ.”  Such a powerful declaration of the gospel!

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